Welcome to AEGIS London

AEGIS London writes a diversified book of business through Syndicate 1225 at Lloyd’s where, year after year, we’re ranked in the top quartile for performance.

In an increasingly complex and volatile world, brokers and clients are looking for risk transfer partners who are accessible, resourceful and there for the long haul. At AEGIS London, our structure and our mindset mean that our resources are an excellent match for your risks.

We’re here to find solutions: Our underwriters are available and empowered to try their very hardest to find a way to say yes.

We’re here for the future: The fact that we are privately-owned means that we take long term decisions about the business we do.

We’re here for our customers – collaboration is a cornerstone of our culture, our policies and our claims handling. We believe in operating for the mutual benefit of all our business partners.

AEGIS London values

At AEGIS London, we have a set of beliefs, our values, that are essential to our business and direct the way we do things and how we work together.

Fairness and respect

We make decisions considering the best interests of key stakeholders. We are direct and straightforward in our actions, working collaboratively to create a culture of fairness and respect.

Open and inclusive

We act with integrity, valuing diversity of thought and background. We take time to listen to the needs of our customers, stakeholders and colleagues working together to seek and share information.


We have a passion for success, aspiring to be recognised as best in class. We embrace new opportunities, encouraging innovation in pursuit of our goals.

Striving to be better

We strive to improve at all times, challenging complacency, being agile and adapting to change. We always seek to improve our customers’ experience with us.

Investing in people’s potential

We provide an environment where each employee can reach their personal potential. We encourage personal accountability for performance and individual ownership for growth and success.

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